Thursday, January 31, 2008

Funky, paint sale

No, no, no. It's not time to stock up on your favorite hippie colors for your tie-dye collection. That's just my week in a nut shell.

Monday and Tuesday both the wife and I were in a funk. I felt like I had a sickness coming on (had a nose and throat thing going on) but after pounding the Airborne and vitamin C I feel back to normal....for me that is.

I did get a ride in both days on the fix gear thou, and that may have helped clean out the old pickle too. Took off yesterday...well pretty much had on choice with the wind. I'm still at a loss with the wind up here in eastern PA, I mean it's a normal thing this time of year to have winds in the 30 to 40 mph range and gusts over 50! Hell, in FL we called this crap a it's just a Wednesday.

But with Huricane Wednesday keeping me in the house I did get a crap load of painting done. And believe it or not it only took the wife five shots to gets the colors she wants......not bad.

Now for those of you picking your brains on what to get your significant other for the big day next month (guys it's Valentine's day on the 14th, don't forget.....AGAIN) stop your looking. The guys over at T6 are making things easy for you.

Now tell me this does not say love.....I mean you can't go wrong with "The School Girl" for sexy.

Why do I have cheap porn music going thru my head right now?

Off to my saddle.

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