Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know, not the best title for a post...but I'll make it work.

The weekend rides were a little painful with the legs still sore from running, but I got a 30sih mile fixie spin in on Saturday and a shorter MTB spin on the 29er in on Sunday. First time riding the mountain bike since the eight hours down in NC....forgot I still had two broken pedals.

So on to the crap.

It's been raining here since lastnight, so riding is out the window (not worth riding in crappy weather this time of year.) So I told myself that if the rain stopped by noon I'd go running...knowing I was pretty safe because the radar was full of green.

So what do I see outside with my selfmade deadline only half hour away...sunshine. Crap...

Friday, November 21, 2008


is stupid. Yeah that's right, I went running yesterday...twice. And no, there was not any blue light involved....even thou a cop just drove down the street. Weird.

I dropped off the FJ for a new stereo to be put in, and with it only being a little over two miles away I thought why not run home. Even thou like I've said before I run like...

a hippo in water. But I got home and all was well, guessing my speed was a blistering 8-9 minute mile range. A couple hours later I get the call the girl's all done, what the hell...I'll run back. Run number two again went ok.

Then this morning came, and now I feel more like a harpooned hippo. Let's just say the stairs are not gonna be my friends for awhile. With that I say again running is stupid...but I plan on doing it a coupe times a week, it felt pretty good.

And no Wifey, running is not the new twist I'm throwing into the training plan.

Secret Squirrel out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


damn cold, that was the best way to sum up the riding the past couple of days.

Winter's made it's way here to the Philly area, and with it the boxes of cold weather riding gear are out of the basement. The 40 degree temps I can deal with, but it's the 10-15 mph wind that's the killer.

But even with the crap weather the fixie is rolling down the streets. Pretty much have the riding/eating/fitness plan worked out, gonna be throwing something off the wall into it this winter (more on that to come.) I love being "cryptic" as the Wifey says.

But with a little over six weeks until the first race of 09 I've still got time to work out the minor deals.

Interesting article on Stan's rims too....who says you can't buy your way to a faster time on the bike.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


in PA. No, but that's what part of my past couple road rides have felt like.

I've always loved the Paris-Roubaix race, both for the toughness of the course and that racers end up looking like this more then not...

But thanks to the ever happening (and forever taking) road work here in PA a couple of my favorite riding roads look more like cheese graters and anything else. It felt more like I was riding a jackhammer then the fixie...maybe I can send the Pennsylvania DMV my dental bill, cuz I'm pretty sure I need to go after that mile.

As for the other areas.....paging Dr Wifey.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The best and the worst...

time of year/and or types of days.

With the changing of the clock this past weekend it's now dark (and I'm talking black dark) by a little after five. I still try to ride in the warmer part of the day, so it's not really cutting in to ride time. It just sucks that it's so dark so early...plus the past couple of days (and the rest of the week) the sun is not coming out...AT ALL. Gray, deary and nasty looking outside...kind of like a horror movie.

But with this time of year brings fixie rides, and I love my fixie. Riding a fixie is great for strength and increasing your cadence, plus it's the best thing to work on a fluid pedal stroke. I also love just being able to zone out...no thinking about should I up/down shift, should I sit on this climb and spin, blah, blah, blah. You've got two options, in the saddle or out...other then that you just push the pedals....weather it's 60 rpm's or 110. You can figure out yourself where the sitting and standing are in those numbers.

Now go vote, I'm going riding.