Sunday, January 27, 2008

29ers, Tacos, road attacks and more tacos

All that and it's only Sunday morning.

I met up with Gary and Bud friday morning to take Bud's 29er out for a demo. To sum up a ninety minute ride...I WANT ONE, and I want it now! It just rolls so smooth and fast compared to my current hardtail (with 26 wheels.) I can't see myself sporting the green flame paint job (even thou it would match my teams kit) so it looks like the silver it is, now the only question is what wheels. More on that once I ask around.

So after a good ride off road friday the wife and I hit up our fav Mexican restaurant (starting to be a friday thing) for some Latin nutrition...and beer too.

Saturday morning was the Tour de Muffin ride....which turned into somewhat of a race. Six of us rolled out from D-town and headed north staying on the hillier PA side, but atleast I was not alone on the fix gear this week (had three fixies and three gearheads.) We did the 15 up and down miles then dropped down and crossed the river over to Milford, NJ....aka home of the The Baker.

With our bellies full of warmth we head toward home on the flat NJ side and everything was normal till just after we crossed the river back to the PA side. It's a seven mile long slight rolling climb back up into Doylestown. At the bottom of the first climb some jackass ( JA) "attacked" ( as much as you can on a fix gear) and this started the next twenty minutes of "playful attacks." The JA went off the front and one rider jumped after, after 10-15 seconds a third joined and JA attacked again, and again and again.

After a flat in the lead three all six were a group again. Once the ride started the JA went off the front, and again he was not alone. But after a mile of fix gear/gears fighting it out a truce was called and the ride ended peacefully. We ended up with just short of sixty miles, a good day.

After getting home and cleaned up the wife wanted to take the JA...I mean me back out for some more Mexican goodness. Was a sweet day....great ride with friends, followed by good food/beer and a night with the wife....what could be better?

A 29er in the garage maybe....

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Jason said...

A good friend of mine has the 08 C/Dale 29er in Silver. It's freaking sweet. The only thing he's thought of updating is some lighter wheels. But the Lefty makes doing that cheap difficult. He does love it though. Good luck.

Of course I think the Mamasita is a better choice ;)