Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Normal day...

Or the return to normal day....I hope.

The wife is driving home as I type from a work trip in Pittsburgh, or as she calls it "the armpit of the country." So with any luck tonight things will return to normal after ten days of her/I and us being gone. Will be nice, just the two of us again....... insert 70's porn music here.

Got out with Gary and Bud yesterday for a spin on the fixies. We only put in 20 miles but that was just what my body needed after this weekend. Found a good shot of Gary pinning one of the jumps earlier in the race.

No ride today even thou the body could handle a little spinning again. With the wind 25-30 mph and gusts over 40 I think I'm better off saving myself for a good ride tomorrow.

Till then I'm off for a massage and some good stretching out to prep myself for the wife coming home....once again insert 70's porn music here.

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