Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yeah, Mr Pissypants....

Ok, I may or may not have pist myself during an/or more then an endurance race. My years in the military I may have done worse...but most of that's off record.

But I'm fracking pissy.

I an nutshell I have a hamstring issue, and after a month of therapy I thought I was at 75% and feeling little pain during runs/rides....but, as normal I was wrong.

I hope I'm just feeling lingering tightening from yesterdays long ride, but halfway thru the ride today I had my man card pulled.....ok, not really. But I pulled my own man card.

The worst letting a friend down. He really wanted to ride in tandem at a four hour MTB race next weekend. My plan was to destroy myself just to stay with him, but after today....I'd be dead weight. Pissyness, pissyness....

But there's goals out there.....not a pile of blow, a couple hookers, a midget and a chainsaw kind of goals...but goals.

But an ex did send this picture last week... was bike week in Daytona...let it slide.

Tomorrow's post....less pissy and more history....but no more pictures.

Till then I'm burying myself in the bottom of empty beer bottles.