Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colder then a Witches......

Yeah, that was this weekend.

Saturday had highs only in the area of 32 and today it could (and did) not get above the low 20's. Then throw in 10-15 mph wind both days and....I give you my version of Hell. But good rides were thrown down on both days.

Yesterday was a good 60 miles ride on the fix gear (even thou I was the only one of the four that had one....I must have missed something.) But none the less was a good ride, pretty much the norm. Out of D-town up to Frenchtown via the (hilly) PA side, but back home thru the normal flatter Jersey route.

After getting cleaned up I meet up with the wife for some well earned beverages and a Mexican feast at Los Sarapes before heading home for a night with the fuzz balls and a movie. The movie was about a seven, but went well to top off a night of just hanging out with the bitches (and wife) at home.

The Wissahickon ride today started out looking like this....

Bud and I (the bankrobber)

but was a good 15 mile spin off road (my first since the race two weeks ago.) And better yet I got to try out Bud's 29er........Daddy likes. More on that once I get to put some miles on it this week. But over all a good recovery day on the bike.

Now it's time at home to watch a little football (that I don't really care about) and my "couple" of beers with the wife. Once things stop being numb (and her beer kicks in) we'll talk. Insert or fav porn music here.....


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Jason said...

Does anyone really have any favorite porn music. Do they have music?? ;)

Good luck with your light search. My thing, is while HID lights may be brighter than many LED lights, I'm looking at burn times vs. charge times, vs. brightness.

Right now the SB3 is about as heavy as many HID models, but the color of the light works better for my eyes, it burns for close to 6.5 hours, and takes 2 hours to charge. Plus PT give you everything you will ever need in the box, including a car charger. I think lights can be a very subjective thing to review. Some folks see better in the dark and some lightings color can effect folks a certain way. Test some out, and go from there.