Saturday, January 12, 2008


It looks like I'll be doing a little gear pimping here soon. I heard from the guys over at Twin-Six that they want me to be a rider for the T6 team. I want to throw a huge thanks out to both Ryan and Brent for putting their trust in me, I won't let you guys down.

Still waiting on the local MASS series race dates to come out, but it looks like my schedule is shaping up pretty fast. A nice little break right now to dial in a couple of things, but it starts to heat up mid March. Weekly training crits up in Lehigh and then the first road event will be the Philly Phlyer.

Today was a nice long ride on the fixies. Gary was short on time and had to go out early so he and I rolled out for two hours before I headed over to Kirks to meet up for the "real" ride at ten. Four of us headed out of D-town down to the river, turned north thru Frenchtown and up to The Baker in Milford for a muffin.

After the kids knocked back their 500 calorie softball sized mounds of joy we headed back toward home. I rolled back to the car with right over 70 miles in for the day, I'd say that earns me a couple tasty alcoholic beverages night. Therefore I've got things to do...or drink.


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