Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There, I said it....I've been running.
And no, it was not from blue flashing lights or to a buy one get one free sale at the beer store....but I would for that second one.

I ran more then I care to remember back in the military and the wife and I ran alot back when we first met (well, it was more like her trying to run from me and me chasing after her) but we wised up and focused more on cycling.

But for some reason a month or so ago I started again, not even sure why. But what the Hell, I thought it'd be good cross training for a week or two. Then two weeks ago I saw a sign advertising a 5k less then a mile from the house....how can I not do that I thought. Ok, so I can cross train a couple more weeks....do the race, then back away the running shoes again for a decade.

The race was last Saturday and I dug it. Sub 22 minutes (not stellar, but ok) and third in my name group. So now when I should be pack/hiding my running shoes again something weird happened. I found myself surfing the web for other races in the area.....and sadly I found some.

So much for hanging up the shoes again....we'll see what happens after this weekend. Hopefully I can kick this habit.