Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ready, set.......DRIVE!

Today was a great day for not going outside at all here in southeast PA, in one word the weather SUCKED! I never heard the word blustery used as a weather term before moving here from the sunshine state a couple years I know why. In Florida we call this HELL. The high temperature today was 30F with winds of 25-30 I said hell for a FL boy.

So with that said I finished off the packing and loading for the trip down to the race. Just need to take the kids (the four legged fuzzy, furballs) to their weekend getaway and head over to pick up Gary at nine.

I'm pumped to see Tinker Juarez is coming back down for the race again. He's not only one of the best mountainbikers ever, but one hell of a nice guy. Hope he has a great race.

Now it's time to go give some love to the doggies and put myself to bed for a loooong weekend. Wish me luck....I'm gonna need it.

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