Friday, January 18, 2008


Not Friday or even Next Friday but the last Friday. Yep, this is my last Friday before it's time to get down to business for the 08 season. Luckily no big changes are needed but it's time to start cutting out certain things (and back on others.)

Things that need to go are the junk food. Sure a little splurge here and there are fine, but the WHOLE bag of Oreo's that I knocked back last Sunday night are out.

And the things that need to be cut back on are the............

yeah, beers. By no means are the wife and I in need of an AA meeting, but we were both having a couple beers with dinner every night and then throwing back a good number each over the weekend. Planning on limiting it to a couple on the weekends...just not saying how big those "couple" may be.

On the riding front, the preliminary schedule for the local MASS series came out the other day. So the big project for the weekend is to firm up the 08 schedule. I also need to do some research on new lights for this year. I've been running a NiteRider FireStorm the past couple of years and it works great, but the weight (800 grams) is twice what of the newer stuff. I'm not a weight weenie but if I can get a "better" light and drop 300 plus grams...even for a Oreo eater that's a no brainer.

Looking forward to putting in a good 3-4 hours on the fix gear tomorrow, and hoping to clean the dust off the hardtail for a trip down to Wissahickon on Sunday. But with the high only 20 for Sunday, we'll see.

Now I need to go take a closer look a that Oktoberfest pic...for research.

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Jason said...

I have trouble saying no to the beers too. I have it limited to the weekends now.

The beer I could give up. The 4 breast that are in the pic are a WHOLE different story though.