Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pretty in Pink

No, don't get scared here. I'm not talking about myself on this one.

With the package that arrived in the mail yesterday from Hammer Nutrition the wife is gonna be pretty (or prettier) in pink this coming year. I never thought I was a big fan of the color pink, but I think the kit looks pretty badass.

And I guess you could say she was just as pumped to see it, considering once she saw it she immediately changed into the middle of the kitchen.

Also in the box were some goodies for myself. A couple bottles each of Endurolytes and Perpetuem. The endurolytes work great for my cramping (or lack there of now) problem, but this will be a first for the perpetuem. I'll let you know what I think after this weekends riding adventures.

One last sweet thing was one the box too.....can't wait to rock this badboy.

Meeting up for a little MTB action tonight under the lights (our own lights), but no demo of the 29er yet. That will have to wait until the morning. Ten AM tomorrow I'm rolling out on big boy wheels for the first time.....not sure if I'll sleep very well tonight.

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