Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water water....

"Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink"

No, I'm not having a high school English class flash back (besides, I'd need to have gone to have a flash back in the first place.) But that's a different story.

I'm talking about bikes. Between Wifey and I we have 14 bikes in the house right now....yeah, you heard me 14. Granted, two are loner/demo's and one still needs it's cracked frame replaced but they're hanging from hooks all over the place. If these things were meat Rocky would be in here using them as punching bags...

...and, I'm not puttin a picture of the meat locker up.

So where am I'm going with all this? Guess which one of the Army of bikes I want to ride.....yeah, the broken one. Not because I like it any better then the others (but I have spent many a long ride riding it...long, cramping nights filled full of what the Hell am I doing this for thoughts.)

But here I am rambling again.

I feel like I'm speed dating trying these different bikes. Sure it's cool to ride something different once in a while......nevermind, that's just to easy. But it's kinda hard to compare things to something when you can't ride one of them. I'm mean you can close your eyes and make believe you're riding something else, but it's not the same.....yes, I'm still talking about bikes by the way.

But the window shopping needs to come to an end....maybe.