Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Massages and The Simpsons

Yesterday was a great day out of the saddle. Spent the morning with the wife before heading out to see Geoffrey for a massage (and no it's not weird getting a massage from a man.) Besides the man is great at what does, plus he being a cyclist himself only helps at what he does.

Lastnight was sweet too, just the wife and I making sure the couch did not fly away. We did scratch The Simpsons Movie off our "to watch" list. And from all the negative things I'd heard about the movie I was happy with it. I mean what else can you do with the Simpsons for 90 minutes?

Still on a movie note I saw this morning that Heath Ledger died yesterday. The only thing I really knew him from was The Patriot, but I guess he was one of the dudes from Brokeback Mountain. This was the closest I've come to seeing the movie (luckily) but it's still a sad thing.

I met up with Gary for a 40 mile spin on the fix gear this morning and the legs felt great. A nice mix of hills and flat stuff, a good little workout. Also my Team director sent out the scoring guidelines and series rules for the local racing series and it looks like I could do both the XC series and the Endurance series. I just need to see how all the dates line up with these two and the individual endurance events I want to do.

But doing both series and the individual events (which are my focus) may be to much. I need to map everything out this weekend and talk it over with a few people.

Hoping to take out a 29er for a demo tomorrow night.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll let you know how it goes.

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