Saturday, July 31, 2010

Knife...what knife?

The only problem is I'm the one carrying the knife.....and as you can guess we're going to a gunfight.
Guess the good thing is I'm in pink, and that'll make the Wifey happy. But it still does not fix the problem.....and my problem is lack of power. Seems like everytime I need power/strength I've got nothing. Short power climbs, countering attacks or even trying to stick the landing on that double backflip off the ceiling fan. It's like Scotty's down in the engine room preoccupied by something else...
Not sure if it's a nutrition/hydration thing or just a little Summer fatigue thing....because it sure as hell is not from being over trained. Either way I need to start kicking up my speed a way.

Been finding out more and more that I've got two speeds. I can go 95% for 30-45 minutes (which will hopefully work well for Cross) or 75% for 12 hours.....but with XC races being in the two hour range I gots myself a problem. But it's a problem that I'm not even sure I want to work on fixing right now. Cross training groups are starting next week and that's where my buttered up cheeks will be...but in and out of the saddle.

Now just to finish building up the bike itself.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deadbeat blogger

Warning, warning......deadbeat blogger on the move.

It's been WAAAY to long for any kind up an update (not that anyone is waiting on pins and needles) and for no real here's the highlights.

I suck...the end.

Races are still happening, even thou I'm not sure why. I've been enjoying the nice easy riding with even better groups of people more then racing itself.....but something still draws me to them like a fat kid to cake.

Even thou I set it as a goal four months ago, I some how pulled a first place at the 12 Hours of the Cranky Monkey back in late June. This race damn near killed me two years ago with heat and my own stupidity, but with a little luck and great friends to help keep my head on straight I had a good day.

I've also somehow found my way back to the starting line of a few XC races again in the past month....including a night XC lastnight. A few mechanical problems and a couple of second places are the all not bad with my lack of training for speed. But things are a changing, Cross season starts in a little over a month and I'm for the first time looking forward to it..... but still a couple more XC's to knock out of the way first thou. One being our Team race at Neshaminy.

Got a few non racing things that are gonna be taking up lots of time here soon (more to come on that...and it won't be two months this time) but either way I need to start kicking up the speed work.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two for the price of one.

I know I said last post that I was not into the XC racing thing this year, so therefore what did I go do? Yeah, a XC race.

A little over a week ago was the Bike Line Fair Hill Spring XC down in MD, this was the first race in the MASS series here in the PA area. I'd always planned on going to the race (the Wife had it on her schedule) and even thou I love the course I was not planning on doing it. But somehow I found myself on the starting line of my age group.

Having done ZERO speed work since last year, waking up sick and just an all around feeling of not really want to do the race I lined up pretty much in the back of the group. They released the dogs and the pace is fast, real fast. After dancing around a near crash I find myself working my way threw riders...not knowing why or know. Ninety minutes and 23 miles later it was all over and strangely I felt good. I never really pushed myself really hard, just rode my own race and ended up 6th of the 22-23 riders. So for better or worse I'm rethinking things again.

Fast forward a week, Wifey and I found ourselves down in VA for the Leesburg Baker's Dozen. After meeting up with friends, pit set up it was time for an easy pre ride lap. The course was perfect, fun fast and fun. After a little more BSing with the pep's headed out for a couple beers and grub before hitting the camping days are over.

Normal for me the night before I race I slept like crap. Ended up watching a couple Married with Children's before I got Wifey up for the morning prep. After my race morning breakfast, 3-4 pit stops, bottle/food and ball prep once again it's off to the starting line.

The several hundred riders at the line are off with the sound of the fire truck siren...really:

....and in a dust cloud we were off.

The first few laps went by in a flash, sub 30 minute laps in an endurance race are a little strange....but I felt good and was just rolling along. I was stopping every other lap for a bottle change and throw down a little grub. Things were chugging along just fine till I went out of my 6th lap. The first single track section was a flat and VERY fast section with a few slight turn here and there. Well lets just say I misjudged my speed on one of these slight turns and a tree ran out in front on me.....and by saying it ran out in front on me I mean I tried to do a power slide to miss it and it reached out and pulled me into it.

Pretty much broadsided the tree, lost some skin on the forearm, and slammed my shoulder into said running tree. But the biggie was I whacked the back of my head pretty damn hard. I must have tried to turn my head away from the impacted and most of the blow was taken by the back of my head just below my helmet. Let's say it hurt a little, but after a couple seconds away I went. The head hurt the worst until about five minutes later when I started feeling my jaw. Could not really open my mouth (which the Wife would love) without pain, so the wheels upstairs started thinking I broke my jaw.....nice, liquid diet...this may not be so bad.

An hour and two laps later I pit to see if I can eat. Was not the easiest thing in the world but I got a banana down...pretty much bite off a piece then used my tongue the smash it against the roof of my mouth. Not ideal, but it worked and back out I went. But this is when the other problems started.

Once I went back out my eyes could not really focus that well and for the first time ever the sunlight was not my eyes friend. I could see fine, but I just could not focus in on anything. Kind of felt like I was daydreaming and then would snap back into what I was doing. Needless to saying this was not ideal, one small half crash and a couple near misses I finished the next lap and week out for another knowing it was not the best idea in the world.

About a mile into the trail I tore a sidewall in the near and was on foot. I ran/walked as I debated what to do in the pits. I had a spare wheelset so I knew I could be in/out in a couple minutes. I was in the pits for less then 2-3 minutes when the Wife came running/rolling in....with the same problem in the rear. She'd heard the reports of the tree on rider abuse and turned off the racer switch and turned on the Wife/Mother questioning switch.

Ten minutes later I had beer in hand. Good, bad or indifferent everything happens for a reason. More then likely she saved me from doing something stupid....well, something stupider then normal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


No, I'm not talking earthquakes here...I'm talking about my pissyness level.

Like most of the men in my family I have mood swings that equal or surpass that of most women.....they, I'm sure I'll pay for that one. But hey, I'm pissy and venting.

Funny thing about that picture I was/am called Homer alot....and Hell, I think I'm looking a little more and more like him these days too.

So a little history, someone from my past used the line "friends do thing for friends" alot. Now "hypothetically speaking" I may have helped this person move a few times, mowed a yard or two, and gone to more an a couple Jai-Alai games with said person. And in return? I may have got threw a couple years of English and Spanish with the grammar skills of a 10 year old and not being able to order at a Taco Bell right now.....but that could be just the Southern school system too.

So my point, friends do things for friends....period. Friends don't use the words "lame, bummed and disappointed" if/when you ask something of them. If that's the case, you may want to take a better look at who your "friends" really are.

So that was yesterday. This morning I saw that one of the races I was REALLY wanting to do this year was filled/closed. This makes the third one this year I've missed....and I'm not talking about races soon, these are May-July timeframe. One was straight up my fault, I knew it would fill up and I just did not pay attention to when registration opened and I missed it. But the other two never even said word one in all the registration info about a max number of races, truth me...after missing the first race I double and triple checked.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not pist at any race promoters here. Being one myself I know all the crap they go thru. My point to this then? One to vent, so vent over....and believe it or not I feel better. And two, if you have a race you want to do this year....go register, NOW!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day

First off everyone's Irish today. So eat your Lucky Charms this morning and listen to the DropKick Murphys and Flogging Molly all day. But remember boys and girls after to many of these:

You may think she looks like this:And you'll be singing this. But tomorrow morning you'll wake up to something more like this:

Drink up kids.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hibernation over

Well, it's time for the hibernation to end.....but now comes the WTF moment.

I've been asked a dozen times in the past two weeks about what my plans for this season are, and I've answered this way. I have no f'in clue. All I know is it's gonna involve hours and hours on my new toy:

Took it out for the first time last weekend, and simply put it's night and day compared to the older frame set.
Have not thrown on the light wheel set yet, but it's sitting just over 20lbs with only a couple personal touches.

So, back to the "what's your plan this year?"

Things I do know. I'm doing the Baker's Dozen and the Cohutta 100 again, other then that I have no idea. I'll race more then just these, but it may be a little different then prior years. Don't see doing much XC racing happening for a few reasons. One of which being asked to "target lightly attended races" for paper titles/championships. Talk about one way to lose respect for someone.

More so I see myself my a "bucket list" up. Races or things I want to do....not that I'm planning on kickin it anything soon, got want to start hitting things I want to do. Some may involve things other then a MTB only.

More tomorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tick, tick.....

I smell life...
....well, untill I get back on the bike. Then the above could happen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oleta minor...

Same blog title, as a year ago....what can i say, the brains got really working. Not that it ever really does.

Wifey and I rolled back into Casa de Frozen just in time to do a jail break on the doggies from the kennel. As she got the kids I got the pleasure of unloading the funk that was the FJ, I got the short end of the stick.

But here's a small recap of the week/weekend that was the trip. Most have nothing to do with cycling, because let's face it....what the Hell do I know about cycling?

First off, a HUGE thank to a buddy of mine BBB for letting me use his girl for the race:

Mine are still days (hopefully) or a week/two away, so BBB real came thru for me.

The boss and I did a pre ride Friday and a found my friend from last year:

...and like ever man has said, I thought he was bigger.

Also had to take a couple shots of the nice little climb (I know you can't tell from my great iPhone pic's) and the trees I wanted to take a chainsaw to a couple years ago. F'in Gary could tell you I had some severe grazing on the damn tress EVERY lap two years ago, this year....golden.

So here's a brain spill of the week.

Best hotel...for sleep, not for an hour rental. Hampton Inn, end of story

Found a liquid source I can handle/want to drink for endurance races. Don't ask, I ain't telling ya...unless your last name is Jolie, and even then we'd need to work something out.

Found a real food source too, for when you can't handle anymore of the normal Shots, Blocs, gels and what not. Again, see the above....but you can throw in the names of Alba and Biel too.

If you're adding more shammy cream mid race make sure you don't use the same hand you just used to put on Biofreeze.

Same thing goes with the biofreeze if you're answering natures call.....enough said.

If you get pulled over by a female State Trooper, it's does not end the way it did in Days of Thunder.

And lastly for this morning, a two for one is not always a good thing either...but I'll go into that later.

Laundry and bike cleaning calls.