Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stop the madness.....

and no, I'm not talkin about Susan Powter given one of her waked out weight loss infomercials from back in the day....

....but speaken of her. Has anybody seen a picture of her lately? I like the new punkish look....tat's, nose ring and hair....

Now we're takin, game on.

But before I say to many things that the wife will beat me for...I'm talking about the beatings I've been taken for no blog updates. I mean I'm not living the life of a Rockstar or anything....but the groupies could be cool.

Riding seams to be something from a prior life, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Broke the mountain bike frame 5-6 weeks and have not road on dirt since...mostly because I have no big wheeled bike to ride yet. Just can't see myself on a 26er again.

Have taken the road bike out 4-5 times in the past six weeks, but have not went more then 25 miles each time. But it's getting to be fixie season again....and a strange as it sounds I'm looking forward to riding it again.

Besides the Wife is gonna drag me kicking and screaming back down to Miami again the first of the year for a 12 hour....I'm mean who wants to leave PA in the dead of winter to go to Miami?

And to ride a bike for 12 hours at that....I think she really needs a sit down.