Thursday, February 28, 2008

Same ol same ol

That's pretty much the past five days.

Wifey went out to armPittsburg Sunday night for work again so it was just the dog's and I sporting the single life. So I did want any "single" cycling guy would do...ride my bike. Had good rides on the fix gear Mon, Tues but with the winds 25-35 mph on Wed this little piggy stayed home....and rode the trainer, as much fun as that is we all know.

Today was pretty much the same 20 mph winds and a high of 25....all that and mentally if not fully physically needing (wanting) a day off I took one. But with the wife now home "other" things can take up my time.

Tomorrow looks like it's gonna be a nice long ride on the fix gear....I'm hoping.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow, sleat and freezing rain?

What the Hell is the difference between freezing rain and sleat.....up until this morning I had no idea. The wife had to fill me in this morning....and the only reason she knew was they were talking about it on the weather this morning...not much sleat in FL.

But that pretty much sums up the past 12 hours and it looks like the next 12-18 hours are not gonna be much better.

Can you guess which picture was taken today?

Looks like it's gonna be a weekend of riding the trainer.....happy, happy, joy, joy. Oh well, that just means I'll hit it all that much harder when the weather breaks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beat the heat

no...more like beat the crappy weather.

With just one more wintery crap snow heading toward the area I met of with Gary and Bud for a Tour of Wissa on the single speeds. Was a great ride with the trails being rock hard (this place can be a mudfest.)

Took a couple of shots the one time we stopped...with the temps in the 20's you don't want to stop anymore then you must. Things you won't see on a MTB ride in FL.

Hoping the weather has moved out by the weekend, I need to get some miles in the legs. If not the "blow up doll" it is.
I want to throw a congrat's out to new mom and dad Ryan and Jess from T6 who welcomed their first son Ryder into the world last Friday night. Congrat's guys.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Looks good"

Yeah, but don't let looks get in the way of the truth.

Gary and I got out for a good 50 mile ride on the fix gears Monday what was great, a good mix of hills....some long and steady but some short and not so steady.

After that I wanted to just spin the legs out yesterday, but with temps in the low 30's and winds in the 20-30 mph range I was stuck inside on ther trainer. I've never been a big fan of the indoor trainer but after hearing Jason's thoughts I had to rethink things.
And yeah it was the same as always, it felt "stupid...but the end result" was the same. So this morning I was dying to get back outside in the saddle, and with the weather "looking" like this I was off.
It was cold.......and by cold I mean it was 20 when I rolled out of Doylestown down toward the river. Down on river road I found a couple of spots like this..

..but after walking/skating thru them things were good. I wanted to get in a good hour plus of hill work and that's all I got as more weather came rolling in.

Heading back up to town I had a nice little headwind of about 10-15 mph, but that was ok. I knew what I had waiting for me when I got home....a nice hot shower and a trip to see my boy Geoffrey for a massage and some stretching of the legs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

From gray to gray

The wife and I left the land of gray hair (Florida) this morning and headed back home to the land of gray sky......... and grayer moods.

But the weekend was good, yesterday morning started with walking out the backdoor of the in-laws to this..

Not bad, sunshine and temp's in the mid 70's.

So after throwing down some breakfast and saying our goodbyes' to the in-laws we headed to the beach for a couple hours. As always it was like a "people watches" Super's just a couple....

like the senior citizen beach time trail
or the ever present bikini photo shoot.......even thou I'm not sure why
but I may have seen the future of the off-road cycling world....dude was even sporting a full suspension
and he was practing his cross dismount too...
Tomorrow looks like it's shaping up to be a good long ride on the fix gears....I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyways.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The F the L and the A

I know it's FL now, but us southern folk are a little slow up the uptake of new stuff.

But yes the wife and I are down in FL for a weekend of warmth, family and beer. (Maybe I should have put beer first....I mean that was the first place we went after the airport...I call in inlaw prep.)

The past week up in PA was crap...rain, snow and wind....all that means no riding. I did the trainer for an hour or so each day, but to me that's not even worth bringing up. It was more so just something to take up time because the wifey was out in armPittsburg for work again.

I did meet up with Gary yesterday for a short 25 mile spin on the fix gears...everything felt good, and was nice to be outside and in the saddle again. Lastnight the wife and I got our Mex on for Vally Day, as always it was great.

Today was an early morning with the airport and all, but now here I sit at the inlaws with I'm half happy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strange place

That kind of sums up the past couple of days.

The weather here in eastern PA has been hit and miss for riding for the past week. But I did a MTB ride down at Wissa on Friday and to put it best it was "strange." I did an hour solo (before I meet Gary and Bud) and everything just felt wrong. The first three or four turns I overshot, my heartrate seamed high and I just felt like a "chorizo" as Bud put it. But I keep the sausage chugging along for two more hours after meeting the two Stooges, and things got a little better.

The Sat road ride was killed because of snow/wind so I meet Kirk for a couple beers and lunch at Ironhill and discussed both my loss of manhood and plans for a Sunday ride. The "loss of manhood" may have been worked out and a Sunday ride was planned.

Today's ride was a group of five down to Middle Run/White Clay, and even thou I was sporting a singlespeend things felt great.....Boring but great, we'll see how things are on the next "serious/working" ride....hopefully tomorrow morning, more on that that tomorrow......hopefully.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Holy heat wave

I know I've been saying how windy or cold it's been here over the past few weeks and I'm gonna give you a new number....67. Yeah it was 67 here in eastern PA today....freaking 67, it did rain....but it's 67 I don't care.

Even with the rain I did do a short ride, just hill repeats here by the house for forty-five minutes on the fix gear. Felt great to be in "warm" weather for a change.

But the highlight of the day was when the mail came.

Looks like the wife is getting part of Valentine's day early thanks to the fast shipping of the boys at T6. And they're even the right colors for the day in question too.

Of course something may have been in the box for me too, but I don't want to spoil the loving mood I've got going.

So I'll just show them tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Tuesday?

You mean it's Tuesday, what the hell happened to Monday?

I won't go into the details but yesterday was bad. When you start the day by waking up on the bathroom floor.......the day is not gonna be good. But after a few hours of finding out who and where I was things started to get a little better, plus I got to spend a couple hours with the wife before she headed back to armPittsburg again.

I did get out on the fix gear for a short twenty mile spin today before the weather turned to crap. Hoping to do the same if not a more tomorrow, but weather could play into that one too. The rain I can deal with, it's the 30 plus mph winds that may throw a monkey wrench into things. If not it's a paintin I'll be.

But more importantly the wife should be coming home tomorrow......nothing more needs to be said here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super PA?

Yeah you heard it, the wife and I are still in PA. The trip to FL was killed, cut by the airlines. After sitting in the bar at the airport friday night for a couple hours (and killing a plate of nacho's plus more than a fews beers EACH) our flight to Florida was cancelled (bad weather here in PA.) So we rescheduled for a month from now (the inlaws we're not ready to see this manlyness.)

So here we are...... the wife and I both can't (legaly) drive, so we'll just have our own little Super Bowl. And here it is..........

Her "beer" which is the water on the left....the stuff I hopefully piss out after long hours of riding. Me...that big bottle of Chimay Blue....which is not my first today.

More tomorrow...because it's taken me over half an hour it type this and I just heard Danzig singing Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you're watching the game you would have got that last joke.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ark to Sunshine

Today is not the greastest day here in eastern PA with the heavy rains/wind that started this morning and will run thru tonight. But hearing the weather lastnight I was debating rebuilding the Ark and loading up the bikes and dogs.

But as always they got it wrong AGAIN...from the two inches of rain they were calling for lastnight, to the "may reach half an inch" today. Oh well, I guess I need to take off my waders and boots now.......

But with all that off my chest the wife and I are heading down to FL this afternoon for a quick inlaw visit/getaway. It will be nice to see her parents but even nicer to be in warm weather again. All this means a couple much needed days off the bike, but with only one day out of the saddle over the past two weeks I need it.

Off to do a little packing and preflight drinking.