Sunday, February 23, 2014


...yeah, I'm going there.

SO! Wifey and I may have put on a race or two over the past few years ourselves, and we may have helped friends put on races over the past few years too...

...breathing in, breathing out....

I'll start by saying you can't please everyone, and there's always going to be THAT guy/gal. And if you're THAT guy/gal stop reading now...because you're just gonna get pist, or pissier...because you're already a pist off at the world piece of shit.

Helpful hint number one. NEVER get pist at a race promotor. If you've never put on a race, or even helped... you have no fracking idea the number of hours that these people put into putting on a race.

Helpful hint number two. Pay attention to the course, all racing courses are marked...breath in, breath attention!!!

Helpful hint number three. If you see something that went wrong, or something that could be improved, just tell the promotor...or someone on the promotion staff.

Helpful hint number four. NEVER, for any fracking reason get in a promotors face and cause an issue...period!!

...breathing in, breathing out.

I'll end this with saying this....I have a new best friend at running races....I'm really looking forward to talking to him when I see him next race....but he may not see the starting line.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Grey would be...

So...first off, I'm sorry.

For what you ask? I have no idea...and not that I'd care in the first place. But I'll put a story to it.

At several points in my past (none recent) the best way I'd describe myself was:

Not trying to say I was depressed, Goth (that was more of the Wifey's area) or even moody....I just did not care. Things could have been going well, or I could have been in the middle of a shit storm....I was just numb to any feelings.

So why am I being Mr Sad Pants....guess I had one of those days yesterday. I met Wifey and other friends lastnight to climb and I was numb. At best I gave one word answers to questions, others I just stared at the wall like I was trying to work out a route and gave no response.

Several asked if I was ok, or had a bad day...and like I said, at best they got a one word answer. I felt wrong in doing it, because these are people I care about. I was not in a bad mood, I was just mentally not around...I was not mentally anywhere.

So, I'll call it a Grey Day. But now bring on some sunshine, dancing teddy bears and for good measure let's add a stripper into the fun.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two, Two Years....

Ok, not really the same as...

...but where the hell did two years go?

Well, I'll give ya a quickie...but, now I sound like the Wife...still and always my rock.

 We've got a new house, in a new state. I started doing that four lettered word

Changed to a Race Team. Started a couple new activities...


 Some are going better the other...

Got a new a year old. 

 Atleast some one likes all this damn snow.

But lots of other things will never change, more on that later...I promise, because I need a change.