Friday, February 1, 2008

Ark to Sunshine

Today is not the greastest day here in eastern PA with the heavy rains/wind that started this morning and will run thru tonight. But hearing the weather lastnight I was debating rebuilding the Ark and loading up the bikes and dogs.

But as always they got it wrong AGAIN...from the two inches of rain they were calling for lastnight, to the "may reach half an inch" today. Oh well, I guess I need to take off my waders and boots now.......

But with all that off my chest the wife and I are heading down to FL this afternoon for a quick inlaw visit/getaway. It will be nice to see her parents but even nicer to be in warm weather again. All this means a couple much needed days off the bike, but with only one day out of the saddle over the past two weeks I need it.

Off to do a little packing and preflight drinking.

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