Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shades of Pink

Wifey got a much need boost yesterday (been a pretty busy girl) when she came home to see she got a little UPS delivery love herself.

Her Twin Six "School Girl" jersey came in the mail yesterday........
I'm not sure which one of us like it more....granted, it was for different reasons.
So also got her new Giro Atmos yesterday too......
Was a pretty good day for the little lady......and yeah, she has a pink thing kicking this year.
And on the riding front. I got out with GirlWonder yesterday (she's back from her two weeks down in the Virgin Islands) so needless to say she wanted to take it easy. But we still put in a good 40 mile spin. Today I want to get outside before the weather turned south (we've got rain coming for the next 2-3 days) so I went out solo and knocked out a nice little 35 mile loop.
This Saturday night I get to meet my new race team. We're having a little get together at a bar/pub here in the Philly area. It's part meet/greet and part planning out the race year, but we also get our new kits (so I can stop being the man in black.)

Either way I'm pretty pumped about meeting everybody......let's get the puppy started.

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TSWimba said...

I wish I could squeeze my gut into one of those schoolgirl jerseys. I need to petition Ryan to make an XXXL size to fit me. Maybe even a guy’s version Dicky and I would both be all over that. The Betty jersey is pretty boss too.