Friday, March 14, 2008

Ridin and lovin...

Don't worry, I'll keep this PG-13.....well, unless pimpin bike parts do it for ya. If that's the case you may want to clear everyone out of the room.

But first a little ridin..........what!.....I had to tease first......that's how I roll, just ask the wife.

So Wednesday's long ride was cut a little short (something to do with the 25 mph winds) but Gary and I still knocked out a little over 50 miles. I think 45 of those were both uphill and into the wind. That would explain why my legs felt like complete crap yesterday was a day out of the saddle....thank God.

But with the weather being in question this weekend I wanted to get out today for some miles. I went out solo and put in 30 miles on road.....and as I came rolling back into the driveway Miss UPS was doing a little drop off.

Well.....knowing what was in the box itself that's how she looked anyway. Now on to the lovin...

In the box of love we had the following:
XTR cranks, front derailleur and rear cassette
SRAM XO trigger shifters and rear derailleur
Avid Juicy Ultimate front/rear brakes
Ergon GX1 grips

Throw all that with the carbon handlebar/seatpost and Maxxis Ignitors that came over the past couple of days.........I think I need to be left alone for a minute.
Ok..........that did not take long......again, ask the wife. But one thing I'm really pumped on trying out is the grips.
I've rode a buddies bike that had the GP1's and really liked them. They were just a little to big for my hands, so these being a little smaller....we could have hand happiness.
Now go ride....I need to be left alone again.


Jason said...

damn, I wish my UPS person looked that!! Oh yeah, nice parts. But looke at her....

Travis said...

Man if that's what the UPS driver really looked like I'd be sitting on the front porch everyday.......nude.