Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Operation Gothic Serpent"

"Irene, I say again Irene........Fucking Irene!"

Sorry......that was all me.....inside information.

But that phrase was the first thing that came to mind as the 20 Guy's riders rolled thru our first lap at Fair Hill this morning. Total different reason then 15 years ago...but still......that was my first thought then I looked ahead/back and saw this green mass snaking it's way thru the trail.

The "pre" ride today was great. We did three laps of the course total (just under 20 miles) and it was beyond sweetness. The first two laps we were smoking it (me being the only "Sport" rider in the lead group of six "Elite" riders) and I was redlining it most the time. The third lap was a nice cool down/regroup.

After the ride was a cool post ride beer/meal/beer at a local watering hole where a few "war stories" were told......all in all a kick ass day in the saddle with the new Team.

Can't wait till we all hook back up next weekend for the MASS team relay.


Jason said...

sounds good dude. Also sounds like today might have been a LITTLE more relaxing than OP Goth Serpent!

Travis said...

There was a little more sun and sand during GS thou.

Also ran into Loretta and Fernando Torres yesterday, was good seeing them again....that's one of the bad things about the "off" season. You miss seeing all the good people you see week in and week out at the races.

Jason said...

Loretta and Fernando are top notch. Some of my fave peeps in our racing scene.