Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gear and gears..

Trying to get back in the grove after Easter....Something about eating poorly makes me want to just keep on eating poorly, same thing goes for eating clean. I guess I'm kind of like a Fluff girl, once I start something I do it till I get my fill.....(if you don't get that last comment...good) let's just move on now.

I met up with GirlWonder on Monday for "her last day of Spring Break road ride." It's about time, the kids not been in school this month......really. But she brought me a muffin from my fav no matter what it was gonna be a good ride knowing what was waiting for me.

Lastnight Bikewrench and I did a road ride from Perkasie, where we headed over to Green Lane for a great two hour hilly ride that ended up being right at 30 miles. This is the same area that the Cyclosportif runs later this year....looking forward to making up for my "mechanical" I had last year. Nothing like throwing a chain while being in a 20 person break (Landis being one of them)....."goodbye everybody." Ended up finishing seven f*cking minutes back.....can you tell I'm still a little pist?

But today was the first ride of the "chunky girl"....that's what I'm calling the still over weight 29er. All the parts are pimped out.....just waiting on the wheel set......STILL. Just hope they get here by the first MASS race. But the girl was SWEET, even thou the rider was a bit rusty. I need to start changing from the road to the dirt before it's to late. Training on the road is great for endurance/speed/power, but it's not mountain biking.

So that's the "gears" part, now on to the "gear."

Thermal jacket

Team Kit

Sorry, I did not feel like modeling today......I need to shave first (and shave is an under statement) it'd be like a Ewok in spandex.

Now go ride your bike...


Jason said...

Dammmmmn. Fluf girl? I'm so calling you that I see you at the races!

Nice team kit.

Travis said...

I can hear it now. The middle of the night at the Baker's Doz, or Lodi and I hear "oh Flufgirl....flufgir!!"