Friday, March 28, 2008

Procrastination will kill you...

Well it'll kill your ability to do races you REALLY want to do that is.

Even after being forewarned by Jason (from here on out to be known as the Ruler of All things large and small) I keep dragging my feet on signing up for the Leesburg Bakers Dozen.....a race I was REALLY looking forward to. So what happens when you really want something and don't act on it........somebody else takes her home for the night and teaches her new tricks.

Race was capped at 375 riders...and if you can't tell I was not one on them. F*CK!!!!! So hearing that first thing this morning there was only one thing I wanted to do......beat the Hell out of my pedals, so that's just what I did. Went out on the road bike and booked 45 hilly miles at a nice I'm a little less pist.....but only a little.

Meeting the wife for a Mexican throw down in a few so that should help the blow to the junk some too.

Rumor has it a group from the Guy's team is heading down to Fair Hill to pre ride the race course on Sunday. Sounds like the 29er is gonna get it's first true run thru.


Matt said...


Any chance I could tag along since I'm not a Guy's team member? I wanna check that place out again. Thanks.


Jason said...

Way to go "fluff girl".

So let it be written. So let it be done....

Ruler of All Things Large And Small

Travis said...

Matt...sent you an email

fatmarc said...

I signed up for BD about a month ago, I did it last year, it was one of my favorite events, knew it would be huge this year.

rode the fairhill course last week, roll nicely, very fun. have a good time!


Travis said...


I sould have listened to Jason last week. Aftering hearing both him and yourself talk about the course last year I was pumped up on running it this year...we see how that is working out.

That's fine, I'll just take it out on my pedals at Lodi, then your place on the 24th.

Good luck to both you guys.