Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gettin my Goth on

That's what today felt like....or maybe the Man in Black ride? But no, it had nothing to do with Johnny....

But for some reason I sported out the door this afternoon wearing all black. It was the first time in the past four years that I was not pimping somebodies kit, and I have to say it did feel a little strange. But I get my new Guys kits next weekend and the TwinSix stuff should not be to far behind.

But for the boy in black ride I pulled the geared CR-1 out of winter hibernation. After rollin on the fixed gear for the past four months it took me half the ride to realize I could stop pedaling and change gears if need be. Was a good quick 30 miles that felt great, but I wanted to keep it short. Tomorrow is going to be a long day in the saddle....more on that if I live thru it.

But after the quickie I got home to find Mr UPS came to visit, looks like the pimpin (weight loss/diet) for the 29er is starting.

The rest of the stuff should be rollin in over the next 3-4 days....big thing now is just waiting on the I9 wheels....then she's off the Kirk for Fat Camp/rebuild.

Now it's time for a little NIN to keep my Goth going on.....


Jason said...

Those wheels are gonna save you the most man.

Travis said...

Yeah, that and the crankset...still hoping to get the girl down to around 22lbs. It's just over 26 right now.

Matt said...


My money is on 21ish pounds. You should drop a 1/2 pound off of my bike weight just with the cranks. Not sure about the cassette or the seat post - but maybe a bit lighter.

Let us know the final build - w/ pics.