Saturday, March 22, 2008

Riding and ridin

Been a couple good days "riding."

Yesterday I meet up with Girlwonder (aka KarateMonkey--long story)

for a nice little ride over into Jersey. We tried the best we could to stay out of the 20-25 mph wind and we knocked out 35 miles at a nice tempo.

We had a cold front roll thru lastnight and they were calling for snow/rain this morning. But we lucked out and only had a dusting that cleared out early. So I meet up with Gary at 10 for nice loop with lots of climbing, in all we threw down another 35 miles. Rollin back into Doylestown we cut thru a little group of houses, and what did we see? (now for the ridin) About 100 meters up I see two guys just hanging out on the sidewalk drinking beer (not a problem) till I look over at what they're watching. About ten yards away (guessing in dudes A's front yard) two dogs are going to town.....and by going to town I mean GOING TO TOWN.

Just seamed very odd to us, I mean it took us 30-45 seconds to ride up and by......and dudes were just having a good old time watching the show. Not sure if they were looking for pointers or what, but they were glued to it like it was a Monster truck pull or if it was there sister coleslaw wrestling.

Welcome to Pennsyltucky.

The wife and I are getting ready to head out for my team party.....pretty pumped up about it. Time for some beers, race/training planning, beers and in general hanging out and meeting the new team. Oh yeah, the gear too....Team John Deer here I come.

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Jason said...

both those chicks could kick my ass, but I'm a simple man and any time two people without penis' wrestle in coleslaw I get more than a bit aroused.

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