Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nuun for you, none for me....

The none for "me" is on the ride front.....let's just say this boy is not gonna go outside and play with winds of 30 plus mph. No, no, no..............NO!

But now to the "you" part of the Nuun....yeah, what can I say....I'm a people person (nothing could be further from the truth by the way....I like doing 12 hour endurance races, figure it out) but we'll move on.

My stash of Nuun tab's came in the mail the other day:
I got a eight tube box of the Tri-Berry and a single tube of the Kona Cola (should last me till mid year.) I've been using the Tri-Berry the past two weeks on rides and I really like it. I've found it's gonna be the perfect thing for shorter training rides/road crits and hopefully anything falling into that 60-90 minute riding/training window.

I've spent a good part of this past winter working on my nutrition on the bike, and I think I'm pretty much got it pegged....knock on wood. I've known that I never really need any nutrition for these shorter (60-90 minutes....afterwards yes, during no) but I also know that I still needed to drink (and I hate hydration....can't count the times I've gone out and never taken drink one.)

But this is where the Nuun came/comes in. The favor is light but refreshing and I truly enjoy drinking it. Not to mention all the electrolytes it has packed in it, that are perfect for these shorter rides where you don't need all the carb's you'd get with other carb based electrolyte replacement drinks.

On a side note:

When I was doing the search for Nuun images on Google this came up...

.....not complaining, just not sure why.

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Jason said...

I'm gonna be getting some BIG Nuun for hdyration packs here in a few days. Stay tuned or feed back.

I love the shit that comes up when Googling.