Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Yeah, I know it's the first of March....but look at what the wife got me for Valentines Day, just got it built up today......

Sorry for the crappy ass pictures (the cases of beer in the photo are why......well) but here's the new "pig" for next year. Yes, I calling her/it a pig right now.....I know she's sweet as is but she needs to go on a diet. Already have a pair of kick ass Industrynine wheels on order (should be here in a week or two) but she can also drop a few pounds here and there. Already talking to my "parts guy" (Gary) on that's great to know people in the business.
But other then my new "lady"......(what.....I plan on spending lots of hours on this baby this year) today was a good fix gear ride. I meet up with Gary for a three hour spin (that turned into a four and a half hour epic) ride. But that's what a couple flats, two wrong turns and a 25 plus mph head wind will give you. But we put 50 miles in the books.....not to mention pulling, dragging....and begging Gary home the last ten miles home from the river......uphill.
Tomorrow will make it all worth it.....a nice easy 40ish mile spin up to New Milford for a muffin....oh, I can already taste it. Wait, sorry that's the beer.


Matt said...


Sweet bike - I dropped 3.5 lbs off my Large caffeine 29'er. It's 22.75 with the race wheels. Check my blog for a few details.


Travis said...


Nice, that the weight range I'm hoping to hit too. I've got two friends that have their's sitting right at 22 pounds.

Still a little shocked that just changing out the wheels is dropping 3lbs.


Jason said...

Great bike man. A good friend of mine has the same bike. Loves it.

Matt said...

I think mine dropped right around 2.25 lbs in wheels. That is a pretty light wheelset also - AC hub / lefty si hub, Stan's 355 29ers w/ yellow tape and valve stem. I was running a maxxis crossmark in the front (620g) and a Small Block 8 in the rear (595g) With a SRAM PG990 cassette. I can't see much more weight there. Check my blog for details on mine. I will be updating the weight and build in the next few days.