Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let the Pimpin begin.

So with the rain rollin thru this morning the phone was beeping with text messages on people bailing on the AM road ride.....thank God. For some reason I was not in the mood to ride today...... so with that being said I sent my BikeWrench a message if he was free to "rebuild" the 29er (aka Fatgirl.) Less then an hour later I was at his place unloading said Fatgirl and her new upgrades.

After shooting the shit for an hour we planned a road ride for tomorrow and I headed home to meet the wife for lunch and more importantly BEER! I met said wife and we have said beer.....and nachos........then I get a text. It's BikeWrench asking if I'd be home in an hour...."f*ck yeah."

An hour later he shows up with this..
and the 29er was sitting just under two pounds lighter. Damn I can't wait till those wheels get here. I've got the XTR cassette and tires just waiting for those girls to show up.

I feel like a 13 year old boy waiting on his first date.


Matt said...


Good deal, I got a good almost 3 hours on mine today. I'm experimenting with tire pressures with the Stans and Maxxis crossmark combo- I've got about 25 rear and 20 front. Seems like a softail with lower pressures. Now just another, what 4 weeks for the wheels??


Travis said...

Yeah, they said 2-4 weeks for the build then 5-12 days for shipping. I guess they are shipped on horseback......sitting between 4-5 weeks right now, so I hoping any day now.