Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beat the heat

no...more like beat the crappy weather.

With just one more wintery crap snow heading toward the area I met of with Gary and Bud for a Tour of Wissa on the single speeds. Was a great ride with the trails being rock hard (this place can be a mudfest.)

Took a couple of shots the one time we stopped...with the temps in the 20's you don't want to stop anymore then you must. Things you won't see on a MTB ride in FL.

Hoping the weather has moved out by the weekend, I need to get some miles in the legs. If not the "blow up doll" it is.
I want to throw a congrat's out to new mom and dad Ryan and Jess from T6 who welcomed their first son Ryder into the world last Friday night. Congrat's guys.

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