Sunday, February 17, 2008

From gray to gray

The wife and I left the land of gray hair (Florida) this morning and headed back home to the land of gray sky......... and grayer moods.

But the weekend was good, yesterday morning started with walking out the backdoor of the in-laws to this..

Not bad, sunshine and temp's in the mid 70's.

So after throwing down some breakfast and saying our goodbyes' to the in-laws we headed to the beach for a couple hours. As always it was like a "people watches" Super's just a couple....

like the senior citizen beach time trail
or the ever present bikini photo shoot.......even thou I'm not sure why
but I may have seen the future of the off-road cycling world....dude was even sporting a full suspension
and he was practing his cross dismount too...
Tomorrow looks like it's shaping up to be a good long ride on the fix gears....I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyways.

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