Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strange place

That kind of sums up the past couple of days.

The weather here in eastern PA has been hit and miss for riding for the past week. But I did a MTB ride down at Wissa on Friday and to put it best it was "strange." I did an hour solo (before I meet Gary and Bud) and everything just felt wrong. The first three or four turns I overshot, my heartrate seamed high and I just felt like a "chorizo" as Bud put it. But I keep the sausage chugging along for two more hours after meeting the two Stooges, and things got a little better.

The Sat road ride was killed because of snow/wind so I meet Kirk for a couple beers and lunch at Ironhill and discussed both my loss of manhood and plans for a Sunday ride. The "loss of manhood" may have been worked out and a Sunday ride was planned.

Today's ride was a group of five down to Middle Run/White Clay, and even thou I was sporting a singlespeend things felt great.....Boring but great, we'll see how things are on the next "serious/working" ride....hopefully tomorrow morning, more on that that tomorrow......hopefully.

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