Friday, February 15, 2008

The F the L and the A

I know it's FL now, but us southern folk are a little slow up the uptake of new stuff.

But yes the wife and I are down in FL for a weekend of warmth, family and beer. (Maybe I should have put beer first....I mean that was the first place we went after the airport...I call in inlaw prep.)

The past week up in PA was crap...rain, snow and wind....all that means no riding. I did the trainer for an hour or so each day, but to me that's not even worth bringing up. It was more so just something to take up time because the wifey was out in armPittsburg for work again.

I did meet up with Gary yesterday for a short 25 mile spin on the fix gears...everything felt good, and was nice to be outside and in the saddle again. Lastnight the wife and I got our Mex on for Vally Day, as always it was great.

Today was an early morning with the airport and all, but now here I sit at the inlaws with I'm half happy.

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Jason said...

Beer. Warmth. Enjoy.