Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Looks good"

Yeah, but don't let looks get in the way of the truth.

Gary and I got out for a good 50 mile ride on the fix gears Monday what was great, a good mix of hills....some long and steady but some short and not so steady.

After that I wanted to just spin the legs out yesterday, but with temps in the low 30's and winds in the 20-30 mph range I was stuck inside on ther trainer. I've never been a big fan of the indoor trainer but after hearing Jason's thoughts I had to rethink things.
And yeah it was the same as always, it felt "stupid...but the end result" was the same. So this morning I was dying to get back outside in the saddle, and with the weather "looking" like this I was off.
It was cold.......and by cold I mean it was 20 when I rolled out of Doylestown down toward the river. Down on river road I found a couple of spots like this..

..but after walking/skating thru them things were good. I wanted to get in a good hour plus of hill work and that's all I got as more weather came rolling in.

Heading back up to town I had a nice little headwind of about 10-15 mph, but that was ok. I knew what I had waiting for me when I got home....a nice hot shower and a trip to see my boy Geoffrey for a massage and some stretching of the legs.


Jason said...

Way to get out! And way to quote me. HA!

Jason "user of blow up dolls and other assorted latex cycling simulators"

uncadan8 said...

Sounds like you are pretty close to me, Travis. We ought to get together and roll sometime. I spend a lot of time riding out by Doylestown and along River Road. Give me a holler when the weather clears. Probably no riding for at least a couple days after this snow.