Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super PA?

Yeah you heard it, the wife and I are still in PA. The trip to FL was killed, cut by the airlines. After sitting in the bar at the airport friday night for a couple hours (and killing a plate of nacho's plus more than a fews beers EACH) our flight to Florida was cancelled (bad weather here in PA.) So we rescheduled for a month from now (the inlaws we're not ready to see this manlyness.)

So here we are...... the wife and I both can't (legaly) drive, so we'll just have our own little Super Bowl. And here it is..........

Her "beer" which is the water on the left....the stuff I hopefully piss out after long hours of riding. Me...that big bottle of Chimay Blue....which is not my first today.

More tomorrow...because it's taken me over half an hour it type this and I just heard Danzig singing Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you're watching the game you would have got that last joke.

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