Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nuun for me, Nuun for you...

Not to be confused with my prior Nuun post....this one is just straight up Nuuning it. So what the Hell am I talking about?

I got a sponsorship offer from Nuun yesterday. Feeling the way I do about the product it only took me about ten seconds to agree to it......and it only took that long because I had to deside what hand to put down the donut or the chocolate Silk....the donut won FYI.

Needless to say I'm really pumped about this offer. It's a product I've been using since Jan/Feb and I truely believe it's helped both my riding endurance and my recovery a tremendous (I know...a big word for me) amount in that small amount of time. I'm not a big fan of straight water while riding.....or ever. Any guess on why I've had hydration problems in endrance races?

So in the past I've taken some form of a sport drink on my rides with mixed results. Some gave me stomach problems and some were to sweet (watering down both killed the taste and diluted the electrolyte ratio.) Not to mention I really did not need all the added calories and carbs on a hour to hour and a half training ride. So where did all this searching lead me?

You got it.

I've been using both the Tri-Berry and Kona Cola (Lemon-Lime and Citrus Fruit on the way) and love them. They're perfect for training rides and shorter races where I don't need extra fuel but still need/want the electrolytes...not to mention something that I WANT to drink.

Lots more on Nuun to come.....SWEEEEET!

On the riding front. I met up with Bikewrench and Rockstar last night for a kicka*s ride up and thru Green Lane. We only booked 47 miles but it was a HILLY 47 miles and the legs are little pooped this morning. With French Creek coming in two days this could be a problem, but the rain we have coming in could be a bigger problem.

Need to cross my fingers on the I go stretch out my legs.


Jason said...

Nice! Nuun is some good stuff. Congrats.

Groover said...

Do you know if Nuun is available in Oz? Wouldn't mind trying it but never heard of it before.

Travis said...


Thanks, and it looks like we're a go for this weekend.


I first saw it in Oz last year to tell you the truth. I looked up real fast and saw 4-5 places in Brisbane that sell it.

You can look here and find the closest one. Just search under "Retailer."

uncadan8 said...

Hey, I'm going to try to make it over to French Creek to cheer you guys on. I'll probably be all decked out in TwinSix stuff, not that that will make it any easier to find me. I'll try to find you.

Harp said...

For me Nuun is the only stuff I want to drink while racing and riding. Awesome Sponsorship.