Friday, May 2, 2008

Training, training

No you're not seeing double and no I'm not drunk, I don't think...ok, maybe I am.

So the training..

I've done the roadie thing all week (sorry Jason) by doing 100 miles over the past three days. Wed and Thursday were solo rides from the casa....pretty much just spinning the legs and getting in some miles. But that was not really the plan....on the Wed ride I felt a little tenderness in my knee, so I shut things down and just spun around......listen to you body kids, listen to your body.

Luckily I was seeing Geoffrey Wednesday afternoon and he worked on a few things that helped (long story short my quads are telephone poles and those little wimpy little ligaments are trying to keep up.....wimps.)

With things all stretched and loose I met up with Pam for a little tour of NJ this afternoon. We did a pretty quick and hilly 40 miles and discussed a couple things (more on that when I can talk about it...I hope.) But after the ride I invited Pam to join wifey and I for our normal Friday night Mexican throw down.

That's where the "training" came in...Monday is Cinco de Mayo kids, are you ready? I've been training for this event for months now...

And before your mind even starts to wonder what that is it's Tequila and it's oh so good.

So with all that useless blabbering I'm off to meet wifey and Pammie Rockstar....for training.


Matt said...


Check your email account and give me a call on my cell.


Le Blaireau said...

The training is going really well by the looks of photo 1. All that carbo loading can only mean getting plenty of saddle time;)

Jason said...

dude, I thought that was a bong!