Sunday, May 11, 2008

French Creek

Yesterday was French Creek, the second XC race of the MASS and one of the more difficult race courses (technical ability) in the season. Plus with the rain we've had the previous two days things were set for an interesting event.

While scouting out the start to the course (a half mile long gravel climb) I saw Jason heading out for his second lap, he did the five hour endurance (man up) race. So with the "knowledge" that I learned in my scouting session I lined up for the Sport race.

Our race started fast (and by fast I mean an all out sprint uphill for that half mile) but even with the extra speed I was some how leading the pack of wild animals behind me. But just before we turn into the single track I was passed by the rider that bet me at Greenbrier.... and I still have no idea where he came from. But 100 meter's into the trail there was a set of water bars (stairs) that he tried to ride up......and let's just stay I passed him as he was laying on the ground trying to figure out where he was.

Five to ten minutes went by as I worked my way thru traffic (previous classes) and even thou I was red lined things were going well. That is until I felt a rear tire "problem".......and by problem I mean this......

....yeah, Houston we have a problem. Even thou I was running tubeless tires.......we had a flat tire. So over the next few minutes I try to figure out how bad things it flat, is it just low, is it still losing air....WTF!!!!!! But after hearing my rim bing on a couple of rocks I know how bad things are....BAD, so I pull over and shoot a CO2 into the dying girl (NASCAR would have been proud...the "pitstop" was less then three seconds.)

So with my "new" rear tire things were fine.......for about ten minutes.....the girl was still losing air, even after pitstop round number two I was still nursing a dying rear tire. But after a few more miles I hear "it's only a half mile till the finish." Low tire, flat tire, no tire I don't freaking care, I'm finishing this....and after leading the last hour plus I'm winning the thing. Things worked out (meaning I did not need to start running) and I won the race by 90 seconds.

In all it was a good day, a win for myself and the wife pulled in a third place in her race (therefore I got my man card back after losing it two weeks ago.) Now it's two weeks off till Granoque. Which again I think is going to be a fight between myself and 3-4 other riders.....and with that in mind, I'm going for a ride.


uncadan8 said...

Nice work, bro! I rode that area last year in a very casual way and feel like I got hit by a truck, so major props to you guys who race in that terrain!

Jason said...

Great job! Way to kick ass, flat tire and all!

Matt said...


You got yourself a great season going there, even with the tire pressure you were running in the front tire :)


Travis said...

Thanks guys, so far so good....but this is just the start of the season.

Still hoping these first two are not flukes.

Matt said...


Can't imagine them being flukes, when you're catching and passing the fast senior 1 guys.


SquidBuzz said...

Great effort.

Tubeless tires. What a love/hate relationship. I still haven't made the move over to them. I keep hearing stories like yours and in the end I'm still not sure.