Sunday, May 25, 2008

Granogue Minor

Just a quick throw out.....before I throw up, or cramp up....again.

If anybody happens to see this man...... it's on the Tri state area trails, eating fish tacos, posted on the wall in your local Post Office, or in jail make sure you thank him (after you hide your children.)

He, his crew, friends and family went well above the call of duty once again in putting on the Granogue MTB race this year. The race was/is both a celebration of a fallen rider/racer Andrew Mein and a fundraising opportunity for the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation.

But more on all the above tomorrow, I need sleep, food, water and beer......not in that order thou.

Thanks again Faticus!


SquidBuzz said...

Throw up and cramp up? Dude, what'd you do to yourself this time?

And you need to explain the Sally reference. My wife is getting susppicious. =)

fatmarc said...

thanks for coming.

I'd always look over at you to see if you were laughing when I said something. Luckily I think I hit more than I missed.

thanks for the props...

best to you.