Thursday, May 15, 2008

Neshaminy and Nuun love...

Nuun love, not no love....thank God.

It's been a needed laid back week, the body took a little beating at French Creek. But even a laid back week means saddle time. Tuesday was a easy 35 mile spin with Bikewrench, Pam and myself...just want the body needed.

But yesterday afternoon I met up with Timmy D at Neshaminy (our Teams MTB race course) for a ride/scouting session for the work we're planning on doing Sunday. The course is going to be both technical and fast with a number of climbs that are going to work you. Lots of off camber stuff, some rocky sections, logs, bridges, etc, etc.....but I promise I'll keep the Lions Tigers and Bears in their cages. Be ready to get worked at this one boys ands girls.

Today I wanted to get a good ride in since tomorrow is.....well going to be typical Pennsylvania....CRAPPY. So with that in mind I went out and threw down a quick 40 miles that hit even hill I could find. But what's better then a great ride......finishing a good ride and coming home to find a box of love on the front porch. And in that "box of love?"

Nuun love baby, Nuun love. A couple bottles, lots of stickers and more importantly my samples of Citrus Fruit and Lemon-Lime. I've been using the Tri-Berry and Kona Cola now for a few months and love them needless to say I'm pretty geeked to try the new favors.....but looks that may have to wait till Saturday.

Tick, tick, tick.....


Judi said...

I tried NUUN but it didn't do anything for me. I like Hammer.

SquidBuzz said...

Way to work the sponsor into your blog.

I can relate with the weather. Seems winter doesn't want to let go here.

Travis said...


I'm a fan of Hammer's stuff too and they have a place in my endurance race nutrition.

What I use Nuun for is the shorter 60-90 minute training rides/races where I don't need extra fuel, just the hydration and electrolytes. Besides I HATE drinking straight water, and I really dig the taste of Nuun.