Monday, May 5, 2008

I did it again....

and no I'm not sorry, or dirty feeling......even thou there is a little funk in the air... (is that me?) So what did I do this time you ask....

yes, once again I was drawn over to the dark side.

With nothing on the mountain bike schedule (nothing I felt like doing anyway) I went down and did the Memorial Hall crit in Philly yesterday morning. My whole plan in doing the race was to get in some speed work, and try to help a teammate at the end.......job done. Not being a fan of a pack sprint finish I wanted to start and/or be apart of a breakaway.....job not done.

I went off the front a few different times, the first time being the longest. With a couple teammates blocking I was able to put 200 meters on the peloton. But my two blockers could not hold off the 80 piranha and after three laps they pulled me back in. My second and third trys were pretty much the joy.

So on to plan B....or maybe even plan C or D by now. Try to string out the group and not have a group sprint at the finish. At the start of the last lap Rolf (a teammate) attacked, everyone went after him. Once he was caught I attacked....again caught....then a third teammate went, and a forth. But some of the sprinters still had their day, our best placing was a 4th.

In all not a bad day for a mountain biker....but Saturday it's back to the dirt for a rocky race in French Creek.

Today as I was "trying" to do an easy spin I keep thinking about something Liz Hatch said in Bicycling Magazine. "My hardest days are my easy days" ....and how true that was today. The plan was to put a couple hours in the saddle and keep my HR under 140. I had to keep making myself down shift and just spin....crap, come on...let's go. It got to the point where I felt like I should just get off and walk instead. Maybe even put some pink tassels and a bell on the bike.....or a banana seat?

Time to go meet the wifey, Rockstar and Bikewrench for some Cinco de Mayo fun.

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