Sunday, May 18, 2008

Funk and free labor.

Yesterday morning I woke up in a funk.

Plan A was to meet up with Gary at seven for a three hour spin out of Doylestown, plan B was the shop ride at 7:30....again out of D-town. Let's just say that I finally left the house at 9:30 for a ride (after a couple Midol's...and the wife pretty much inserting her foot in my....) well, you get the point. No real reason, I just felt like being a vegetable.

But after ten miles of pushing the pedals and hearing my tunes all was happy in the world. About the same time all the planets aligned I came around a corner to find the wife taking a picture of a deer walking on the side of the road......during her ride......but, yes it was cute.

So with my estrogen levels again peaking I decided just to put in some miles with the better half...which I have to say was pretty cool. Sure I did not get the "workout" I needed...but how often do you get to spin around with your wife for a few hours?

After our 30 mile spin/training/teaching session we hit up Tapora Farms for a little post ride recovery.....aka a coconut donut, then home for the "real" and a Mexican throw down.

Today was a work day for the Team on the Neshaminy course. I'm not saying the Earth moved....

....but we got A LOT of stuff done. Plus it being my first ever trail work day, I was surprised to see the work that goes into some of the "meaningless" obstacles/berms/corners and so on. We turned a 300 meter section of rough washed out trail into a kickass technical downhill.

I'm warning you now boys and girls this trail is not gonna be any joke, be ready for a rough course.

With all that said, the wife and I are off for some Mexican grub.


SquidBuzz said...

Ah, so you are alive after all.

I have your yesterday funk today. Didn't do much but stuff around the house.

Hopefully the wife and I will be riding some too. She has a Danskin Tri in under 60 days. So I guess she better start training. =)

Travis said...

Tri's.....oh she's one of "those" people.

Running, yes....biking, yes.....swimming....Houston, we have a problem.

SquidBuzz said...

Same here. My kick is nonexistant.