Friday, January 2, 2009

Tee minus 13 hours...

till the start of the 12 Hours of lets go thru our pre race check list.

Bike dialed in...check

Back up bike...check

Bottles, pills, powders and bars ready...check

Lights charged and spare part bag ready...check

Inner ear infection coming on strong...check

Yep, even thou I'm about eight years short on the schooling I'll put on my doctors dress on and call this one. I noticed my ear starting to hurt Wed, did not think to much about it. Yesterday during my pre ride of the race course my jaw (same side as the ear) started hurting too....but still did not really think to much about it.

But this morning I put two and two together and I got the normal three when I about feel down trying to get out of bed (for once it was not because of alcohol.) After wobbling into a couple of walls I figured out what was going on...crap.

Oh well, we're here and I'm gonna give it what I've got. So it seams I may have a reason to smack the tree I hit even damn lap last year. But if it happens as may times as last year I'm taking a chainsaw to it.....I may not return home with a podium, but I'll have firewood for the rest of the year.

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