Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I gave into Glenn's evil again yesterday and went out for a ride in the cold. It started the same, with only feeling the wind on a small area of the face....and once again after the turn north things were great.

I loved the looks we were getting from people in cars at stop signs and red lights. Nothing like looking at someone in a car with the heat on full blast wearing a hooded sweatshirt giving you a are you nuts look....I loved it, and that got me thinking.

After an hour of thinking on numerous things I came to the conclusion that I love misery. I'm not talking getting my ankles broken by some old ugly fat lady, I'm talking about epic conditions. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard fellow competitors in races or just friends on rides bitch about the wind, rain, temp, mud or how they're having a bad hair day.

I'm not saying I can handle anything (I've bailed on more than one race in my life) but you're not gonna hear me bitchin about it....and is it wrong to love seeing other people going thru misery? Or better yet, do everything in your power to show them you're not?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want anybody to get hurt, I just loving seeing how people react to adverse things. I may never be able to beat the other 95% of endurance and XC racers out there just because so much of this game is genetics. But I'd like to think I can mentally push myself further then other do, or will.

I'll stand down from my soapbox now. Not sure where all that just came from....but there you have it.

And with that, Damien and I are heading out again this morning......and with the temp sitting at 8 degrees, I'm sure I'll be getting those looks again.

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fatmarc said...


get the f out of here, I never beat 95% of the xc or enduro dudes out there...

brother please...

you are a bad, bad man. How many races did you win last year?

now if you are saying that much like myself, a sport like competitive hotdog eating is a better genetic match for sports than cycling, I can sing that song with you bro.

there is something to be said in this game for tenacity, and williness to suffer.

great seeign you and the missus last week.

give a hollar if you guys want a tour of fairhill

much respect
fatmarc vanderbacon