Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sidi...

that gave it's all.

So the body is back to normal (if you call this normal) after Oleta and worse yet the 16 hour drive home....and better yet the bike (all the bikes) are stills hanging from hooks in the basement. Yep, my plump buns have not been in the saddle since the race....today being day ten.

But it's time to get things moving again, even thou the weather is not Miamish out there. One thing that won't be making the next ride is the old Sidi...
....and yes that's our sheet of ice (aka the back deck.)

The girl gave it her all, and she had a good year last year.....but she's done. I had to take her and she sister on the long walk to the trash can.....kind of bought a tear to my eye.

So out with the old in with the 18 year old......oh, I mean in with the new. Pretty sure I'm gonna pay for that one later.

Moving on from me getting beat by Wifey, to still trying to work out a race schedule. I'm thinking it's gonna be a strange mix, a little less on the local XC front....and more on the endurance front and other XC's, just outside of the area.

But we'll see....now I'm off the to find a good hiding spot before my beating.

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