Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daytona Beach it is...

Yep, the wifey is rolling us thru the old stomping rounds as my fat fingers peck away. The temp is closing in on 70 and it's crystal clear skies, so what are we gonna do....saltwater baby. My pale buns are hittin the beach.

A few highlights after 1000 miles and six states:

Number of Cracker Barrels counted from Philly to Daytona.....59

Number of sodas that blew up in in my/wifey's laps.....2 (don't mix an Airborne tap with soda)

Number of cars sliding sideways down the highway at 70 plus mph 20 meters in front of us.....1

Number of drivers needing to change their shorts after the above....2 (luckily I was not driving)

Number of times flashed by other drivers/passengers.....0 (hoping for a big uptick in that number)

So with today being the last day/night of 08 it's time to drink up, eat up and lube up. Before you stop doing one, some, all or none of the above for the New year....or at least for a couple days.

Me......I'm just hoping to get out of Daytona without being shot by an ex girlfriend, or husband. Their's not mine.

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