Sunday, January 18, 2009

French Creek and a WTF

First off the WTF.

For those that don't know (and I just don't care) the Eagles and Steelers are both in the playoffs for whatever retarded sport they play....yes, that was a joke....just a pissy one.

But to the WTF. Today while Wifey and I were on the PA turnpike to French Creek to meet a few other Guys riders I pointed to the chick in the passenger seat to look at the traffic alert sign (or whatever those big lighted signs that warn you about traffic, accidents, snow/ice or even randon hots chicks in need of help are called.)

But what does this sign says that our tax paying dollars are paying for? "Go Eagles" Not anything about the snow we were driving thru, the ice on the road etc. Just one more reason I hope they lose.

But as I said, we meet a group for what was a great ride at French Creek. The trails were perfect, about an inch of snow just to soften all the ice and lots of traction. Two and a half hours of fun in the snow....and even with my clothes on this time.

And I still hate the Eagles, their coach, QB and most of all the crappy fans. If they're winning they love'em, if they lose. "They lost just to piss me off, fire the coach, trade the QB" etc, etc. Then after the next win, we've got the best team in the world, the best coach, best players...we're the greatest.

Come on Cardinals, or whomever they're playing....and once again I'll stand down from my soapbox

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Jason said...

Please stay up on that soap box, I'm catching what you're throwing.