Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12 Hours of Oleta

So, after a seventeen hour drive in the car, five loads of laundry and getting the kids out of doggie jail things are starting to return to normal.

The body feels pretty good, expect the arse. Must have went a little light on the undercarriage lube, because we've got some mild to heavy chafing....still hoping to get back in the saddle tomorrow thou.

So a few other things outside the highlights I gave the other day. The course was great, a few changes from last year....I think all for the better, added some great new single track...can't go wrong with that.

A shot Wifey took on the Friday pre ride:
The race started with a 400-500 meter run before we jumped into the single track, and with a little luck I was sitting in about 10-12th....right behind Prickish Maximus. The first hundred yards of the trail had a few tricky/tight climbs and turns. It took Mr PM about 1.5 seconds of being "slowed" to start his yelling "get the F out on the way, if you can't ride a bike get off the F'ing trail." Then came my personal favorite, "pro rider back, get the F out of my way!"

Class, straight up class.

But as in all endurance races things work themselves out and I was riding for the most part alone, passing and/or being passed by a Team rider here and there. I pretty much just fell into a grove and was rolling with it....it must have been some grove since seeing the first of the two topless sunbathers did little to break my mindset. The second did draw a little more attention, but she was also sporting fresh off the showroom floor bolt-ons.

A few bunny sightings later is when Mr T-Rex (the iguana) and I had our meeting. Guessing someone let there pet free once it got to big, cuz I'm pretty sure those things don't normally sport around southern FL. I'm just glad he was the smarter/more awake one and got the hell out of dodge.

I could hear Wifey now back in the pits...what happened to you? I hit/was attacked by an iguana..... A what?!....You heard me, a freakin iguana. If that conversation happened I'm pretty sure she would have called it a day for me...luckily it did not happen that way.

Once the night laps came around things got REALLY quiet, and other then a lot of beady little yellow eyes not much was happening. That is until my little shoe problem (I'll get a picture of that later today.) But even with that it was a good day.....4th of 30 plus solo men, just under 110 miles and a little over 11 hours of ride time.

A huge thanks to the Berger's for once again putting on a great race for all. This is our forth trip to FL for the 12's they put on and everyone is top shelf....we'll be back next year, if not sooner.


Sebastian Ortiz said...

Great job at the 12 hours.. Oleta is a hard park.. specially this year the course was the hardest one at the 12 hours.. Good Job

Travis said...

Thanks man, but look at you.

I don't look forward to going head to head with you when you are "in shape."

Petit Chèvre said...

Good post and great job on the ride. Loved the Mr. PM scenario.

As for iguanas, we have a lot down this way. Had a 4+ footer camp out in a tree in our yard for 3 days! Animal Control: "you feeding it?" PC: "Just small children." AC: "It will go away eventually."

Spin on

Travis said...


That's good to know about the T-Rex's in south FL, next year I'm bring a harpoon gun down with me just in case. Iquana boots anyone?

Jason said...

Great job! 4th of 30 rocks! And that was coming off of illness. Congrats