Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oleta minor

Wifey is motoring us thru VA right now, so that means I lived...I think.

The body feels pretty good (considering) just the normal, sore everywhere. Much better then lastnight, I'll go into the full write up tomorrow.

The highlights:

ride time....11:09
11 laps
just over 108 miles

But the more important always you see a little wildlife on endurance races. So I saw the normal, two rabbits, a snake and the raccoon that keep trying to raid or pit area. But remember this is Miami.....therefore you have to throw in a topless chic or two sunbathing and believe it or not (shocking for me to say) that was not the big one.....really.

About nine hours in I came around a blind corner and was face to face with a three foot Iguana....I say again, a three foot freakin Iguana. Not sure whom was more scared me or the freakin T-Rex. Luckily he had the larger brain of the two of us and got the Hell out of dodge.

So the outcome. I held third place all day, 3-4 minutes up on forth place. But on the last lap I thought I'd make things a little harder on myself, so I ripped the whole freakin sole off my right shoe. Needless to say this made jumping over roots and rocks less then easy.....luckily there was only one every ten feet. So in the end I could not hold dude off, forth place it was.

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Rose said...

Now you know. When you lose your soul, you lose your place.