Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pumping Iron...

No, I'm not talking about that crappy movie with this guy in it...
I'm talking about the Iron Hill Challenge next weekend down in DE.

The wifey, Pam the Rockstar and I met up with a few other of the Team members for a little pre ride of the race course yesterday morning. Having not been on the course in over two years my brain was a little foggy on what it was like....not to mention life in general.

We knocked out four laps on the five mile loop in right about four hours. The course is a freakin blast with a great mix of everything. The second half of the course has a little more of the climbing, but nothing major. But the best part of the thing is the amount of singletrack, looks like next weekend is gonna be four hours of fun.

Plus it'll be a nice warm up for the 24 hour coming up at the end of the month....or maybe I'm just trying to burn off a few extra calories before the Donut Derby on the Labor Day?

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