Friday, August 15, 2008

A different kind of bottle...

and something new to put in them too.

I got my supply of the new Team water bottles in the mail yesterday, and I think they look really sweet...I really dig the green/yellow ones.
I'd like to thank my buddy Ray Z for the time he put in on these, sounds like everyone is pretty happy how they turned out.
Then on the that to put in these sexy new things front, I give you my new sponsor Motortabs. I've been looking for something to use as a fuel source for on the bike now for a few months, and knowing myself it needs to be a liquid...the belly just don't work well with most solid foods on longer endurance stuff.
I love using Nuun for electrolyte replacement (nice mild flavors,) but on the longer rides when I need to re fuel is where I've been searching. I've tried all the normal sports, but most have fallen short in one area or another. Some are to sweet, others have to many calories/sugars and some just plan taste like crap.
A friend gave me a couple of the Motortabs caps to try and I really enjoyed them. A great taste that's not to strong and I my mind just the right amount of carbs for a bottle. I'll give more of a write up once I try all three of the flavors...until then get on your bike.

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